Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Controlling ‘Upset Feelings’

We humans are designed in such a way that we get to experience the entire spectrum of emotions ranging from happiness, sadness, contentment to being upset. In that light, feeling upset is a normal part of our life that we feel every now and then. So why do we feel upset? Well, reasons could vary depending upon person to person. The most likely cause of feeling upset is when things don’t go as we plan, when things do not turn out to be the way we had anticipated. But, this feeling should always be temporary. We can not afford to let this upset feel last longer. Once you allow it to last longer, it will start making a continuous presence in your life.

The trick is to learn how to control one’s feeling of being upset over trivial matters. Upset is kind of addiction. If you are liberal with it will continue to bother you. One basic step is start using breathing technique. Take a deep breath and start counting backwards and you will immediately feel a lot calmer than earlier. There are several such options to make you get rid of ‘upset feeling’. One easy way is to make a list of all the factors that irritate you and then tear it apart. Call up your friends and talk about your problems. Try to do what you love most. Go out and share your stuff. You can also try to write your feelings in a diary. Sort out issues with the person you were upset with. Lastly, trust your positive qualities and make the most of what life has given you.

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