Saturday, January 31, 2009

Motivational Movies

Glory- this movie is based on a true story and has won several Academy awards. With powerful performances from Denzel Washington, Morgan Freeman, and the ilk, movie portrays fight of 54th Massachusetts infantry (all black regiment) for abolishing slavery and to acquire the freedom. Movie depicts events of American Civil War and was wonderful because of belief shown by black persons.
Amazing Grace- A story about the struggle of William Wilberforce who sets out to abolish slavery in the 18th century Britain. A heart-wrenching tale of people suffering from curse of slavery and how it affected their entire lives. One can watch it for the sheer value of leadership and determination for a good cause.
Osama- this movie was the first one to be made in post-Taliban Afghanistan. This film will show you real pains and troubles of girls who had to cope up with a fundamentalist regime. Movie was extensively shot in war ravaged Kabul.
Gladiator- movie won several international awards and the sheer intensity of Russel Crowe will blow one away. Story of Maximus who witnessed drastic changes in his fortunes and yet managed to rise from ashes and win heart and support of Rome. This movie is an inspiration because of protagonist’s never say die approach and how being true to one’s belief will bring success in the long run.
There are several other inspiring movies like Cooler, Chariots of Fire, Dreamer, The World’s Fastest Indian, Brave Heart, Remember The Titans, Men of Honor, Miracle, Walk the line, Ray, and Bridge Over The River Kwai among others etc.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Inspirational Movies

The Pursuit Of Happyness- This is a beautiful tale, told in a fascinating way. It tugs at your heartstrings. A rags to riches story about a person who had to face several hardships yet he managed to stay true to himself. Finally, he reaches the top. This movie is an ode to determination, struggle and dreams of a person who traveled the journey from streets to millionaire. The movie is based on the life Chris Gardner who had to work as an intern with no pay and no guarantee of job afterwards and yet he never quit and forced his way to success. Once you start watching the movie, you will feel motivated and ask yourself if he can do it then so can I!

Bucket List- This movie is right there in list of motivational movies because of the story and wonderful theme. It shows, when you want to do something, you can always go for it. No terminal illness can stop you from fulfilling your dreams. One should live life till the last breath.

The Shawshank Redemption- this movies is one of the greatest of all time. Movie deals with trials, tribulations, sorrow, joy, and several other facets of human emotions. Movie won several awards and shows strong characterization.

Forrest Gump- This is story of a person who had the IQ of a child and yet he managed to achieve numerous things in his life. It’s truly astonishing, watching Tom Hanks essaying the role with utmost perfection. The movie will leave you spell bounded. This movie inspires in the sense of if one has unlimited beliefs and childish dreams, then even sky is not the limit.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Seeking Inspiration

Often people ask where do I seek inspiration? Movies? Music? Nature? Books? Meditation? Personality development  ? Well, the answer is a very simple one. Inspiration is not a thing to be found but it’s something to be acquired by applying all the five sense. One needs to be present in ‘Now and Here’. One needs to devote himself completely in whatever one does at one particular point of time. How exactly does inspiration functions? The basic function of this magical word is to stimulate one’s mind or emotion to a high level of activity. That also resembles to one of its dictionary meaning. Inspiration manages to touch your inner being, your soul. It inspires and touches your heart in a wonderful way.
Inspiration depends a lot on one’s current mood. If the mood is right and willing to be inspired, one will certainly feel inspiration. Te mood sets the tone for the object that will inspire you. So, one should never venture out to seek inspiration without setting the mood. Your mindset will determine source and degree of inspiration. Having the right and open frame of mind will make it much easier for a person to receive things which come his way.
I am emphasizing on the word mood and mindset because that really plays a big role in seeking inspiration. Suppose, I get my inspiration from watching movie. So whenever, I feel low or want to get inspired I just start watching a movie with my mood tuned to expected outcomes. Now, the inspiration will also depend upon what genres of movies I prefer. It could be drama or sports or adventure or even war movies. So either way, mind-set and movies reflect each other. One can suit the needs of another. Apart from that, one can also seek inspiration from minor things of life like taking his favorite tea or wearing his preferred clothes. So we decide our mood and this starts the process of finding inspiration.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Inspiration and Motivation

It’s a brand new year. Year 2009 has arrived along with renewed hopes, faith and aspirations. We humans live an imperfect live however, we continue to strive for better living. Probably, that’s what differentiates us from animals. We always think of more which can also be termed as growth and development. Images of a better life drive us. In fact, that’s the basic fundamental of life; to improve your future by learning the experiences of past and working on those in present! That’s what sums up the basic drive of a human being.

They say, motivation is ego-driven whereas inspiration is spirit driven. But both contribute significantly in the development of us. As the blog title suggests, inspiration and motivation for all, the prime focus of this blog will be to inspire people in all the aspects of life. Inspiration works on several layers. Sometimes, we need to heal the soul, uplift the spirit for the purpose of achieving our goals in life. A stagnant life is never good and for advancement our beings, we need to take help of several motivational and inspirational aspects.

Motivational and inspirational techniques as well as tips are essential for personal growth, spiritual growth, better relationships, staying focused, improving concentration, enhancing optimism, getting over bad phases etc. We humans need to use this tremendous force to excel in lives and to prove to be of some value to society. Let’s ignite the fire within and surmount all obstacles for the betterment of our souls.