Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Concept of Relationships

Ever wondered whether we are free beings or not? In many aspects, yes will be the answer. But in few others, no will be more appropriate answer. So what encages us? Relationships? Yes, indeed! Right from the time when we are born, the pushing and shoving process in relationships always goes on. This process goes till your last breath. Our relationships determine critical things in our lives, the likes of which include; motives, moods and actions etc. so is there any way to get yourself free from this quagmire? Aren’t relationships supposed to be one happy experience that are also beautiful and loving?

Many of you must have heard of J. Krishnamurti? He was a renowned philosopher. He once stated a beautiful line, ‘To be is to be related’! That statement clearly gives a lot of weightage to the concept of relationships. When we arrive in this world, we don’t live in an isolated mode. We get to meet numerous things and that includes relationships, events, objects etc, in our life. This is a kind of web that is never ending. Our relationships greatly define us as humans. This criterion of relationship also involves how we deal with others as well as ourselves.
One factor that is most critical in happiness quotient of an individual is his relationships. Good relationships are source of extreme joy and contentment. The types of relationships we have give others an indication of our state of minds. It also shows the intricacies of our personality including strength and weaknesses, generosity or lack of it, sense of complete security or need to have it and our sense of love, nurturing and caring.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Pain Management- Mental Aspect

Pain works on both layers; mental and physical. We have already read about physical aspect. Now if we look at this concept from mental point of view of corporate trainers then we will find several dimensions and variable factors associated with it. Emotional, spiritual, relationships etc will come under mental aspect. One thing that is very striking about pain is that it has some purpose. No thing in world comes without a purpose. Probably we fail to recognize or identify the purpose but it’s always there. All we need to do is to realize this truth and find it. Similarly, pain can not be termed as some kind of jumbled occurrence that comes and goes for no logical reason. It comes with a purpose and reminds you abut that. Its primary message is don’t take anything for granted and cherish whatever you have been gifted by the almighty.
Pain in a way makes your mind and body remind you that there is some sort of predicament in your existence and that’s why it is hurting you. The hurt factor will probably make you correct the problem. The best way to tackle this phenomenon is by having some specific mind maneuvering that will free all the unexplored energy inside for the healing purpose. Don’t feel tired while you go through the process. Try to enjoy it and seek the blessings in its effects. Sooner or later you are bound to come up with exceedingly good results and the pain will be done.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Pain Management- Physical Aspect

Pain management tells you to deal with pain. It involves several ways of treatment; mental and physical. Health problems can be dealt with in new and improved ways, all thanks to medical science as well as spiritual awareness. We often think that the cause of the pain can never be known but that’s a myth. The cause of pain is always visible but it’s just that the closed mind never allows us to look beyond available knowledge. Many of us resort to taking prescribed drugs for even small ailment. But one thing that is mostly ignored is drugs only fight symptoms. They do not heal or fix anything substantial. So the best way while dealing with pain is to remove it. Our body is the biggest and strongest healer. For example, in case of any cut or broken thing, see how your body takes care of its parts and in certain duration, the body part is healed efficiently.

Try accepting the fact that pain has a specific purpose and once the purpose is fulfilled pain can be removed easily. Pain is very useful in alerting us and protecting us from taking things for granted. See, in our lifetime, we consume no less than 70 tons of food and that’s huge quantity. Now what is left after that is called toxin that needs to be removed. The body is designed in such a way that it automatically takes care of this garbage. Known as lymph system, it contains numerous glands, cells, vessels and fluid that keep us alive and pain free by getting rid of toxins from the body. All we need to do keep it efficient is by not overburdening it with excessive amount of intake. Remember, we are talking from physical point of view.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Painless Living

Ever wondered what’s the most common complaint you get to hear these days? Yes, it’s the word ‘Pain’. Everywhere, in any sort of health issue pain is the common word. Millions of people across the world have made this word an integral part of their lives. The worst possible effect of this word is manifested in statements like, ‘one has to learn to live with pain’, ‘pain is a part of getting older’ etc. That’s how they have created and developed the belief system inside themselves. So where do you put yourself? In the category where you have already surrendered to the belief of inevitable pain or have simply resigned to the belief that sooner or later some type of pain is going to hurt you?

But then, in all fairness I will not buy the idea of having to suffer your entire life with some kind of pain. That was not the way we people have been designed by the supreme almighty. Human body is supposed to live pain free and pain free life is nothing but a normal and natural condition. All you require is to support the efforts of your body and keep the pain away. Our body has several elements that strongly oppose pain. However, what we fail to realize is these elements require our support as well as efforts so that they can perform their job with complete efficiency. This philosophy is called as pain management. Our coming article will take a deep look into concept of pain management and how it works.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Health Motivation

The existence of a good life is subject to several conditions. They say to achieve real happiness is basically having your mind, body and spirit in perfect harmony. ‘Health is wealth’ is an old adage but it still holds true. For most of the people, health is the most important aspects of the personality yet it is often the most ignored one. In the hustle-bustle of our busy lives, often we start taking our health for granted. Youths, specially have a fondness of indulging in all sort of pleasures in life and most of the time these pleasures take a heavy toll on one’s health. In the era of fast food and fast paced life style, we forget to follow the body's natural cycles and munch on unhygienic foods and oily substances. But then, who pays the price in the long run?

Most of us wish to have lots and lots of money and a good health to enjoy those riches. Health and wealth are perhaps the biggest desires of any human. But imagine a situation when you are not able to enjoy the large sums of money you have at your disposal because of some kind of sickness. What would you do? How would you feel? So better follow the idiom, when you have the money you have everything. Health is indeed the greatest wealth. The eternal desire of human beings is to have a life sans any illness, pain and disease but unfortunately not every desire gets fulfilled that easily. To attain few, one has to put in lots of efforts.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Spreading Positivism

A sane mind and stable existence demands you to have a balanced mindset. When you are able to achieve such balance, moving into new direction becomes very easy. Swinging into new direction gives you a wonderful opportunity of directing your thoughts to the direction where you want it to. You also manage to direct your energy levels to a higher vibration and here onwards, an entirely new journey begins. This journey will allow you to attract the things which you never thought of earlier. Also wishing for new things will become much easy and at the same time you will feel the power within to go whole hog towards attainment of new wishes.

The new journey of life is all about lighting your inner candle. And once the inner candle is lit, you will be surprised to notice how easy it is to keep it alight. That easiness comes from the realization that your inner light signifies your positive energy and that positive energy is affecting all the people around you. This affect phenomenon is very much positive and you are sure to get the high seeing positive changes in your environment. There is a famous saying by Lord Buddha; ‘a candle's life will not be shortened when it lights other candles’! How true but easily forgotten by many! If someone wants to bring the change in the world, that’s how it works. You light your inner candle, spread the resulting peace and happiness and others on their part light their own. And soon it becomes a chain, a positive chain that has the profound power to change many things

Saturday, February 14, 2009


I hope, previous articles have made concept of self awareness quite clear. So how to tame vicious games of mind? Well, we should not try to tame it; rather controlling it will be the better word. We must start to be more aware of what goes in our mind and consequently decide upon the relevance of surge of numerous feelings. We also need to raise our vibration level. That will result in producing better outcomes in life. But that demands effort and moving out of one’s comfort zone. You will require you to operate from an altogether different level and that will ask you be determined.

There is a concept called energy psychology. This concept teaches about how to make best use of different energy techniques. These techniques are extremely useful in increasing our cognitive awareness. It is being said that, on an average 60,000 different thoughts go through our mind on a daily basis. Obviously, many of them are negative thoughts that produce negative emotions. So whenever, you come across a negative emotion, you must first try to recognize it. This needs practice but once you are able to identify a negative thought don’t try to avoid it. Accept it as it is. No point, running from your own conceived thought. Accept its negativity and then try to pick a different though that must be positive in nature. If you are able to do that, you are on right path. The positive thought will help you in neutralizing negative thought. This is also called as principle of healing that focuses on having a neutralized state of mind.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Mind game

Our mind is basically untrained and to conquer fears we need to control it. No feeling is higher than the feeling that assures us that we are in control of our lives. Things that make us fearful are in reality not happening to us. That’s actually a projected event that our mind thinks as if that unfavorable situation is going to happen to us. When we expect taking place of some positive events we feel optimistic and things get reversed when we think of negative events and that’s the moment when fear creeps in.

Mind is a powerful tool and when it is used effectively it can create magic in our lives. But if the mind is not controlled then life can also be full of havocs. For example take a scenario of your past or future events.
Our mind keeps fluctuating between possibilities of past and future. There will be several things that have yet to take place in our life and yet mind can make these possibilities appear real to us and generate consequent feelings.

Similarly, mind things of past events and related memories and based on that experience, we start connecting the present with past references and things can appear wild or rosy. So the word projection plays a major role here. If we set out to achieve something great in future we feel secure and happy whereas possibility of failure can make us fearful. In reality nothing reality has taken place but then just the projected image and mind game!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Fear Syndrome

It’s very important to get rid of all the fears from our lives. As talked previously in light your inner candles, the negative external sentiments often affect us in a major way, albeit subconsciously. And once you have fell victim to constant barrage of negative emotions emanating from media intrusion, things no more remain the same. The likely mental status could be depression, fear and finding negativity in every thing of life. It is also termed as swinging of balance of momentum against you. The more you think and realize it, the more hard it will appear to get rid of. Getting trapped in emotional trauma where the spirit takes a massive beating is truly a devastating condition. Wise men also feel suffocated seeing the destructive thinking and regressed steps being taken by influential persons in society.

Our core fears almost always take a heavy toll of us. Core fears often make us give in easily and surrender to worst possible situations. But here mind game is one crucial aspect that we often ignore. Fear is very rarely real. Fear is being instigated by others and not by we witnessing something real happening. Have you realized whenever we feel fearful it’s about the things that have yet to happen in real life? Just the assumption and perceiving of a bad thing taking places makes us give in when in reality we should have fought for our own strength.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Light Your Inner Candle

Ever heard of the beautiful statement, ‘Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared’? Many of you will nod your head in affirmation. Yes, it was said by The Buddha. It is not a big secret that when you share your happiness, it rises manifold. Enhancing your own happiness is very much conditioned to sharing it with your loved ones. The more you share, happier you are.

Many philosophers & corporate trainers have agreed upon one thing that, when our energy sources combine together, our influences in different field rises as well.
Self awareness is also important in our self growth.. Environmental influences play a major role in our growth. Self realization is also instrumental in opening our mind to several new factors and makes us more aware of the things. One of the most influential external factors in our life is intrusion of media in our drawing rooms. To put it more openly, media has even encroached in our bed rooms.

And most of the times, all we hear are negative news. Robbery, corruption, riots, unpleasant news etc are the most used themes in day to day media broadcast. However, we don’t actually realize how badly these news affect us, albeit subconsciously. The negative sentiments creep inside us and make us depressed we start developing the cynic attitude and also tend to find negative element in every things relating to our lives. We are no more detached in such conditions rather our spirits have already taken a beating and it becomes much harder to get rid of all the negativity inside us.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Mother Nature

How many of us ventured out to soak the beauty of Mother Nature? If you haven’t done it already, start doing then. This is the best way to unwind you, lose self to the beauty and serenity of Mother Nature and feel the rhythm divine. Just be still when you are in the lap of cosmic beauty. Leave all the stress, work loads and family responsibilities at home and don’t allow yourself to think anything. Make a genuine effort to observe the beauty of nature. It will unfold in front of your naked eyes and the only feeling you will feel is of utmost calm and tranquility. Look, what nature is offering you. Shining stars, sun rise and sunset, white clouds, trees, singing birds, beautiful flowers, sunshine and rain and so many other things. How about feeling the blowing winds across your face? I am sure you will get the heavenly feeling.

Apart from Mother Nature, try to look out for someone you are very comfortable with and share your innermost feelings. It could be anyone; parents, spouse, kids, old batch mate, or friends. Any of the above mentioned names can help you in finding your inspiration.

We should also take into consideration that, sometimes other people know us better than we know ourselves. Our loved ones want the best for us and they can give us the most appropriate guidance. Often we are so jumbled in our thoughts that we stop looking for other alternatives. But when we seek other people, we start receiving new dimension about numerous things of life. Soon enough, finding your true inspiration will no more remain an elusive search.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Inspiration Everywhere

The words inspiration and motivation hold such significant values in our life. Sages and philosophers always preached the value of finding inspiration within self. They were so right! As mentioned in the previous article, the complete usage of five senses is very essential to achieve the higher goal. Another good idea is to allow your thoughts to roam freely. Imagination plays a crucial role in your endeavor of finding inspiration. When your mind is relaxed and at peace, it’s very easy to reflect upon things and find that elusive miracle.

It takes efforts and practice to completely make your mind blank. But when you manage to achieve that, you will find a completely new vista to explore. Try sitting alone and relax. How about smelling flowers in your garden? Or even smell the cake baking in the even or feeling the smell of spices in your kitchen? These ideas are not usually thought of or even given importance. But then, life is all about seeking inspiration and finding happiness in small things because the basic of life is composed of several small moments. If you try to wait for bigger things to happen that could make you happy then my dear friend, you may have to wait till eternity. Try remembering memories of your life and rejoice the sweet sensations. Think of your childhood dreams, past events and see the aftereffects. Make those memorable senses an integral part of your existence. Your experiences are your treasure so you should better try to enjoy them. That way, search of happiness will appear quite rudimentary.