Sunday, August 30, 2009

Colors Affecting Our Performance

Productivity is greatly values all across the world. People normally associate with one’s professional life but if we see it from other perspective, we will find productivity factor applies to all the spheres of life. The more productive you are, more you are valued and appreciated. Several factors affect one’s performance and productivity. We already know about motivation, will power, environment and such related elements that greatly affect our performances. One of the lesser known elements is color. Yes, we are talking about colors that powerfully and quickly affect our choices that we make in our day to day lives. This surprising fact is proven by scientists who took great efforts and several research projects to come to this conclusion.

It is also known as color therapy. Alternative healing makes a great use of color therapy. The research says, when you are stressed, combining the five senses will create a powerful synergy. One can take for example case of deep breathing with visualization or mixing music with exercise.

Talking about effects of different colors, Green is omnipresent. It symbolizes a new life and growth. Green promotes healing. Orange represents high activity and cheerfulness. People often use an orange object on their works stations to feel good. Red is a powerful color that depicts energy and boldness. Red also represents confidence. Blue is a soothing and relaxing color. Blue often instigates creativity. Purple makes you feel empowered and regal whereas yellow enlightens you. White inspires you to go clean and brown symbolizes stability. Finally, the color black is very powerful and represents mystery and depth.

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