Wednesday, September 23, 2009

It’s Your Life

Last post discovered the missing elements of your life and how it affects your life in general. Let’s talk about how you can acknowledge your privilege to enjoy your desires. Did I say privilege? Oh, yes, absolutely. It is your birth right to pursue what excites you most and what makes you most happy. It is as simple as allowing yourself to accept your right of enthusiasm and excitement. It all boils down to your willingness and initiative. Time is never a constraint if you are enjoying your stuff. Yes, things will have to be adjusted but when managing time has been difficult for you? Remember, how if a sudden work comes up in office and you have to go whole hog to complete it despite the apparent lack of time. So in similar way, consider your fun stuff as your priority and do it whole heartedly.

One of the best ways to enjoy this new found freedom is to write it down. It’s like making a journal where you are expressing your desires and writing down the steps you have taken to achieve them. You can always manage to bring pleasure in your busy life style and trust this fact blindly. Excuses will run away and life once again, will seem like a pleasure journey only if you desire so. Never compromise with your pleasure quotient and literally indulge yourself. The moment you starts accepting less than what you deserve thing will always come in less measure. You have to realize that you deserve more and you will get it somehow. Finally, accept what you are and what you want. This is simply your life and you have got every right to live as you choose.

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  1. Its your life and you are the only person who has the right to decide how to want to live it. And self motivation is one of the major contributions that one can give to himself.