Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Productivity Key

Productivity is such an important factor in our lives. It is not just restricted to our professional lives but also to other important aspects of our lives. Productivity is at the core of ambition. No dreams, no ambitions can be fulfilled without you being productive. Productivity as a virtue is very much determined by how comfortable we are with ourselves. It is imperative to love and respect ourselves without putting any condition. Setbacks and mistakes are parts and parcels of life. One cannot escape them but the trick is to continue loving yourself despite the regular obstacles. Others’ view about you whether in positive or negative sense should not determine our love for ourselves. If you love yourself just because someone has praised you or you start hating yourself because someone has blamed you, is far from an ideal key of productivity.

Don’t condition your appreciation for yourself on your work performance. In fact, sometimes it works other way. When we love ourselves more because of our success, the less focused and motivated we’re likely to be. To meet our productivity goals, we need to build a sense of unconditional appreciation for ourselves. Attaching conditions to your productivity is not likely to produce positive results. Suppose, if you are criticized by your colleagues for your work, your love for self decreases and does it further leads to low productivity? Then, consider this- Your value as a person is not just dependent on your work success. The perfect key to be more productive is to believe that no matter how people are judging you and your work, you will continue loving yourself and that will further make you more productive. Try it and see the results yourself.

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