Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Helping people to motivate themselves.

Helping people to motivate themselves is one of the greatest arts one can master. There are various approaches to motivate people. The approach that you use can be constructive as well as destructive. Constructive approach simply means injecting positive thoughts and energy whereas destructive approach can be hurtful and impart fear or threats.

 So if you really want to help people to motivate themselves be assertive in your thoughts and constructive in your approach. Make them realize their desire, their passion and their drawbacks. You first need to motivate them to pull of theirs drawbacks and push in strong determination. Drawbacks can be in the form of fear, threat, negative thoughts, lack of desire, lack of focus or lack of willpower. Once you are able to kill these negative aspects of life, you can easily bring in a burning desire and high motivation.

 When people start realizing their desire and goal try to search for the right source that can foster long term motivation. You can also motivate different people based on the hierarchy of needs.

 The first need of every human is survival and they can do every thing to survive. Make them understand the concept of true living and the real needs of survival. Another important need of every human is a sense of belongingness. This comes when a person is connected to his colleagues, friends, family, neighborhood or community. Make them involve with people who can be friendly, communicative and approachable.

 Making people realize the significance of prestige and recognition can also inspire them to be motivated and pursue their goals. This way if you try to connect the outer human being with their inner soul, they will feel encouraged, supported, ensured, and highly motivated.

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