Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Importance of Mistakes in Our Lives

We humans are great learners. We have mastered the art of improvising and improving. Despite that fact and our tendency of trying to attain perfection in whatever we do, we often end up making mistakes and regretting later on. There is not one person who hasn’t committed any mistakes. And if someone claims otherwise it simply means he hasn’t tried anything. We humans have been designed in such a way that learning process comes naturally to us. So many times these lessons are disguised in form of obstacles, mistakes and difficulties. But then, what is life without the iota of those failures. It is said that our difficulties teach us more than what our successes do.

How true! Mistakes are part of our lives and we will keep making mistakes till our last breath. But while mulling over our mistakes we often tend to undermine our success and other positive experiences. Can’t we just say to ourselves that yes, we made an experience instead of saying we made a mistake? Perhaps this single change of words will bring huge joy and pleasure in our lives. As they say, it’s all about matter of perception!

Mistakes are essential parts of our lives. They are an indicator of where we need to take a pause in the maddening rush of life and take care of the things that demand our urgent attention. They are simply a way to remind us not to let loose what you have earned and acquired over the years. Don’t deny this necessity of life. Accept its importance and take it as a gift. Rest will become very easy.

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