Monday, March 30, 2009

Acceptance of Self

The most important step one needs to take is to accept the fact that every individual is a different person and he or she has the perfect right to be his or her original self. We are proud of having been bestowed with freedom of choice and so are others. It’s our job to accept people as they are. Others are not bound to change themselves so that they could fit in the periphery of our choices. All the people have a choice of being the way they want to and we must surrender to this fact.

We need to remember that world was never created to please each one of us. It also implies that we need to adjust to the surrounding reality and get in tune with the world. let me tell you how it works. The moment we prepare ourselves to accept others’ reality, we are no longer burdened with any sort of expectations. Give people the right to be themselves and you will find yourself getting rid of monkey off your back. Expectations also imply that we think we have control over others but in reality we just have control over one person; and that’s you. So whatever you feel, however you behave and react, take responsibility for each one of them. These things are entirely our problem. Let each one of us take complete ownership of these feelings and have their movements restricted within us. Don’t ever think of spreading around your mess. That way, you will always be dependent on others. Soon enough, you will make this your habit to assimilate your feelings in your inner being and you will find yourself happily accepting feelings, desires, anger, rage, frustration, wants and likewise. Gradually self control will be a part of your lovely habits and you will be enjoying them.

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