Monday, January 26, 2009

Seeking Inspiration

Often people ask where do I seek inspiration? Movies? Music? Nature? Books? Meditation? Personality development  ? Well, the answer is a very simple one. Inspiration is not a thing to be found but it’s something to be acquired by applying all the five sense. One needs to be present in ‘Now and Here’. One needs to devote himself completely in whatever one does at one particular point of time. How exactly does inspiration functions? The basic function of this magical word is to stimulate one’s mind or emotion to a high level of activity. That also resembles to one of its dictionary meaning. Inspiration manages to touch your inner being, your soul. It inspires and touches your heart in a wonderful way.
Inspiration depends a lot on one’s current mood. If the mood is right and willing to be inspired, one will certainly feel inspiration. Te mood sets the tone for the object that will inspire you. So, one should never venture out to seek inspiration without setting the mood. Your mindset will determine source and degree of inspiration. Having the right and open frame of mind will make it much easier for a person to receive things which come his way.
I am emphasizing on the word mood and mindset because that really plays a big role in seeking inspiration. Suppose, I get my inspiration from watching movie. So whenever, I feel low or want to get inspired I just start watching a movie with my mood tuned to expected outcomes. Now, the inspiration will also depend upon what genres of movies I prefer. It could be drama or sports or adventure or even war movies. So either way, mind-set and movies reflect each other. One can suit the needs of another. Apart from that, one can also seek inspiration from minor things of life like taking his favorite tea or wearing his preferred clothes. So we decide our mood and this starts the process of finding inspiration.

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