Thursday, January 29, 2009

Inspirational Movies

The Pursuit Of Happyness- This is a beautiful tale, told in a fascinating way. It tugs at your heartstrings. A rags to riches story about a person who had to face several hardships yet he managed to stay true to himself. Finally, he reaches the top. This movie is an ode to determination, struggle and dreams of a person who traveled the journey from streets to millionaire. The movie is based on the life Chris Gardner who had to work as an intern with no pay and no guarantee of job afterwards and yet he never quit and forced his way to success. Once you start watching the movie, you will feel motivated and ask yourself if he can do it then so can I!

Bucket List- This movie is right there in list of motivational movies because of the story and wonderful theme. It shows, when you want to do something, you can always go for it. No terminal illness can stop you from fulfilling your dreams. One should live life till the last breath.

The Shawshank Redemption- this movies is one of the greatest of all time. Movie deals with trials, tribulations, sorrow, joy, and several other facets of human emotions. Movie won several awards and shows strong characterization.

Forrest Gump- This is story of a person who had the IQ of a child and yet he managed to achieve numerous things in his life. It’s truly astonishing, watching Tom Hanks essaying the role with utmost perfection. The movie will leave you spell bounded. This movie inspires in the sense of if one has unlimited beliefs and childish dreams, then even sky is not the limit.

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