Saturday, January 31, 2009

Motivational Movies

Glory- this movie is based on a true story and has won several Academy awards. With powerful performances from Denzel Washington, Morgan Freeman, and the ilk, movie portrays fight of 54th Massachusetts infantry (all black regiment) for abolishing slavery and to acquire the freedom. Movie depicts events of American Civil War and was wonderful because of belief shown by black persons.
Amazing Grace- A story about the struggle of William Wilberforce who sets out to abolish slavery in the 18th century Britain. A heart-wrenching tale of people suffering from curse of slavery and how it affected their entire lives. One can watch it for the sheer value of leadership and determination for a good cause.
Osama- this movie was the first one to be made in post-Taliban Afghanistan. This film will show you real pains and troubles of girls who had to cope up with a fundamentalist regime. Movie was extensively shot in war ravaged Kabul.
Gladiator- movie won several international awards and the sheer intensity of Russel Crowe will blow one away. Story of Maximus who witnessed drastic changes in his fortunes and yet managed to rise from ashes and win heart and support of Rome. This movie is an inspiration because of protagonist’s never say die approach and how being true to one’s belief will bring success in the long run.
There are several other inspiring movies like Cooler, Chariots of Fire, Dreamer, The World’s Fastest Indian, Brave Heart, Remember The Titans, Men of Honor, Miracle, Walk the line, Ray, and Bridge Over The River Kwai among others etc.

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