Thursday, January 22, 2009

Inspiration and Motivation

It’s a brand new year. Year 2009 has arrived along with renewed hopes, faith and aspirations. We humans live an imperfect live however, we continue to strive for better living. Probably, that’s what differentiates us from animals. We always think of more which can also be termed as growth and development. Images of a better life drive us. In fact, that’s the basic fundamental of life; to improve your future by learning the experiences of past and working on those in present! That’s what sums up the basic drive of a human being.

They say, motivation is ego-driven whereas inspiration is spirit driven. But both contribute significantly in the development of us. As the blog title suggests, inspiration and motivation for all, the prime focus of this blog will be to inspire people in all the aspects of life. Inspiration works on several layers. Sometimes, we need to heal the soul, uplift the spirit for the purpose of achieving our goals in life. A stagnant life is never good and for advancement our beings, we need to take help of several motivational and inspirational aspects.

Motivational and inspirational techniques as well as tips are essential for personal growth, spiritual growth, better relationships, staying focused, improving concentration, enhancing optimism, getting over bad phases etc. We humans need to use this tremendous force to excel in lives and to prove to be of some value to society. Let’s ignite the fire within and surmount all obstacles for the betterment of our souls.

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