Monday, February 2, 2009

Inspiration Everywhere

The words inspiration and motivation hold such significant values in our life. Sages and philosophers always preached the value of finding inspiration within self. They were so right! As mentioned in the previous article, the complete usage of five senses is very essential to achieve the higher goal. Another good idea is to allow your thoughts to roam freely. Imagination plays a crucial role in your endeavor of finding inspiration. When your mind is relaxed and at peace, it’s very easy to reflect upon things and find that elusive miracle.

It takes efforts and practice to completely make your mind blank. But when you manage to achieve that, you will find a completely new vista to explore. Try sitting alone and relax. How about smelling flowers in your garden? Or even smell the cake baking in the even or feeling the smell of spices in your kitchen? These ideas are not usually thought of or even given importance. But then, life is all about seeking inspiration and finding happiness in small things because the basic of life is composed of several small moments. If you try to wait for bigger things to happen that could make you happy then my dear friend, you may have to wait till eternity. Try remembering memories of your life and rejoice the sweet sensations. Think of your childhood dreams, past events and see the aftereffects. Make those memorable senses an integral part of your existence. Your experiences are your treasure so you should better try to enjoy them. That way, search of happiness will appear quite rudimentary.

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