Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Believing in yourself

“Believe in yourself” is one of the most common phrases that people hear all around; in books, in conversations, in stories, in television etc. This is because of the power that the meaning of these three words carries. Most famous personalities have believed in themselves and their philosophies right from Mahatma Gandhi ( On of the most respected of Indian freedom fighters ) to Barack Obama. Untill and unless, you have a strong conviction inside you, success is far away.
Even in organizations, people who rise to the top are people who believe in themselves. They have the power to give something new to the organization. They have the will and the determination to carry the organization in the right direction. Because people who believe in themselves are self motivated, they tend to be good leaders. They are in fact successful in the corporate training of employees in the organization.
Even a homemaker needs to believe in her actions to manage her tasks successfully. She believes that she can multi-task, she believes that she can carry on all her activities on time. It is this strong conviction that drives you to achieve what you want to. There are many people who always feel that they will not be able to do a particular task. This in itself is a de-motivating factor. There may be some genuine tasks that you may not be able to do. In other cases, you are able to achieve a lot by simply believing in yourself.
What did President Obama philosophize: Yes we can. What is this? Nothing but a strong belief in self that it is you who can make change happen by casting the correct vote. So the next time you are upto some task, just say “yes, I can because I believe in myself.

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