Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Sense of Freedom

The most crucial component of a relationship is feelings. These feelings are always at play no matter what type of relationship you share with different individual. This also gives us a clue about one element that is often ignored. And that element is as an individuals we possess very little self determination and control. It does not feel good to realize this truth but then ponder over this fact. Where is freedom? Our freedom goes for a toss when someone doesn’t react in an anticipated way. Words or looks from others make us feel happy or sad then is that really indicative of freedom? Where is the freedom when you have just returned from achieving something big and then people around you nullify that sense of achievement and all you are left with is sense of despondency? Where does freedom exist when success of your colleague or neighbor make you feel envious? No, that is not freedom.

In reality, we are never free because of the pull and push equation of different relationships in our lives. People around us determine our moods and motives. Not many of us give this fact a thought but probably reality bites. So what should we do? How can we get rid of feeling of attraction and repulsion and yet maintain the inner love. Don’t we have rights to remain free as in real value of the word? Shouldn’t we must be able to relate to others in freedom. That will provide us much needed balance in any sort of situation. Our primary aim should be to remain our own person with world in general!

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