Monday, March 23, 2009

The Virtue of Self-Control

Self control is not a common virtue. Humans in general tend to react more than act. Our behavior is subject to how others are reacting instead of how we want ourselves to behave all certain situations. Imagine, someone mimicking you in a group and everyone is laughing, imagine the drive on the road is driving too recklessly or slowly and because of that you are feeling perturbed, imagine your beloved nagging you n trifle issues and you feel all stressed up. So what happened in these conditions? The behavior of other people is driving your emotional and behavioral pattern. You are not in control of your own self.

Thinking of it, do we really have any control over what others think, behave, act or say? We don’t and we can not have. The point is, then we do we indulge in cribbing and screaming out other’s behavior? The anxiety caused by them is unintentional and yet who is getting affected? You and you alone. Sometimes, one even needs to visit a doctor because of the stress caused by others. So wouldn’t it be better for us to just accept the way people behave? One can not control others but yes we can have complete control over our reactions. It would not be such a great idea to have our life dependent on other’s reactions. People often complain about how others are unreasonable, unfair and that causes them stress and anxiety. So why not start some self-control measures and save yourself from similar fate.

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