Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Agony of Love

Now that we know the concept of relationships, how should we make relationships the source of joy and happiness? Can we replace rage, tension and grief that quite often emerge out of relationships, with happiness and peace? We all have relationships with different people in our lives like parents, siblings, friends, lover, colleagues, boss or teachers etc. Quite often we manipulate them or vice versa, bully or being bullied etc but one feeling is common and that is of helplessness. Rather call it dependence on others for our happiness.

Most of us have already experienced the beautiful feeling of love. Ever wondered what actually happens when you are in love? One single person starts affecting our lives so strongly. He or she becomes the single biggest source for our happiness. We try our best to please that person, to be with him/her, to be loved by the person and all these for what? To see the relationship last long! This one relationship makes us aware of a wide gamut of emotions including, love, joy, affection, tension, grief, pity, rage, excitement and frustration etc.

Now think about it! In reality you are in a love relationship and yet what you experience is pain. See the irony! So when pain has become such integral part of the love, did it remain love? How can it be? So what exactly we start experiencing? Well, it’s nothing but play of our imagination and needs of our own ego! What had started as love is no longer love but just fulfillment of our desires and our ego! Think about it!

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