Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Concept of Relationships

Ever wondered whether we are free beings or not? In many aspects, yes will be the answer. But in few others, no will be more appropriate answer. So what encages us? Relationships? Yes, indeed! Right from the time when we are born, the pushing and shoving process in relationships always goes on. This process goes till your last breath. Our relationships determine critical things in our lives, the likes of which include; motives, moods and actions etc. so is there any way to get yourself free from this quagmire? Aren’t relationships supposed to be one happy experience that are also beautiful and loving?

Many of you must have heard of J. Krishnamurti? He was a renowned philosopher. He once stated a beautiful line, ‘To be is to be related’! That statement clearly gives a lot of weightage to the concept of relationships. When we arrive in this world, we don’t live in an isolated mode. We get to meet numerous things and that includes relationships, events, objects etc, in our life. This is a kind of web that is never ending. Our relationships greatly define us as humans. This criterion of relationship also involves how we deal with others as well as ourselves.
One factor that is most critical in happiness quotient of an individual is his relationships. Good relationships are source of extreme joy and contentment. The types of relationships we have give others an indication of our state of minds. It also shows the intricacies of our personality including strength and weaknesses, generosity or lack of it, sense of complete security or need to have it and our sense of love, nurturing and caring.

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