Monday, February 23, 2009

Pain Management- Physical Aspect

Pain management tells you to deal with pain. It involves several ways of treatment; mental and physical. Health problems can be dealt with in new and improved ways, all thanks to medical science as well as spiritual awareness. We often think that the cause of the pain can never be known but that’s a myth. The cause of pain is always visible but it’s just that the closed mind never allows us to look beyond available knowledge. Many of us resort to taking prescribed drugs for even small ailment. But one thing that is mostly ignored is drugs only fight symptoms. They do not heal or fix anything substantial. So the best way while dealing with pain is to remove it. Our body is the biggest and strongest healer. For example, in case of any cut or broken thing, see how your body takes care of its parts and in certain duration, the body part is healed efficiently.

Try accepting the fact that pain has a specific purpose and once the purpose is fulfilled pain can be removed easily. Pain is very useful in alerting us and protecting us from taking things for granted. See, in our lifetime, we consume no less than 70 tons of food and that’s huge quantity. Now what is left after that is called toxin that needs to be removed. The body is designed in such a way that it automatically takes care of this garbage. Known as lymph system, it contains numerous glands, cells, vessels and fluid that keep us alive and pain free by getting rid of toxins from the body. All we need to do keep it efficient is by not overburdening it with excessive amount of intake. Remember, we are talking from physical point of view.

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