Thursday, February 5, 2009

Mother Nature

How many of us ventured out to soak the beauty of Mother Nature? If you haven’t done it already, start doing then. This is the best way to unwind you, lose self to the beauty and serenity of Mother Nature and feel the rhythm divine. Just be still when you are in the lap of cosmic beauty. Leave all the stress, work loads and family responsibilities at home and don’t allow yourself to think anything. Make a genuine effort to observe the beauty of nature. It will unfold in front of your naked eyes and the only feeling you will feel is of utmost calm and tranquility. Look, what nature is offering you. Shining stars, sun rise and sunset, white clouds, trees, singing birds, beautiful flowers, sunshine and rain and so many other things. How about feeling the blowing winds across your face? I am sure you will get the heavenly feeling.

Apart from Mother Nature, try to look out for someone you are very comfortable with and share your innermost feelings. It could be anyone; parents, spouse, kids, old batch mate, or friends. Any of the above mentioned names can help you in finding your inspiration.

We should also take into consideration that, sometimes other people know us better than we know ourselves. Our loved ones want the best for us and they can give us the most appropriate guidance. Often we are so jumbled in our thoughts that we stop looking for other alternatives. But when we seek other people, we start receiving new dimension about numerous things of life. Soon enough, finding your true inspiration will no more remain an elusive search.

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