Monday, February 16, 2009

Spreading Positivism

A sane mind and stable existence demands you to have a balanced mindset. When you are able to achieve such balance, moving into new direction becomes very easy. Swinging into new direction gives you a wonderful opportunity of directing your thoughts to the direction where you want it to. You also manage to direct your energy levels to a higher vibration and here onwards, an entirely new journey begins. This journey will allow you to attract the things which you never thought of earlier. Also wishing for new things will become much easy and at the same time you will feel the power within to go whole hog towards attainment of new wishes.

The new journey of life is all about lighting your inner candle. And once the inner candle is lit, you will be surprised to notice how easy it is to keep it alight. That easiness comes from the realization that your inner light signifies your positive energy and that positive energy is affecting all the people around you. This affect phenomenon is very much positive and you are sure to get the high seeing positive changes in your environment. There is a famous saying by Lord Buddha; ‘a candle's life will not be shortened when it lights other candles’! How true but easily forgotten by many! If someone wants to bring the change in the world, that’s how it works. You light your inner candle, spread the resulting peace and happiness and others on their part light their own. And soon it becomes a chain, a positive chain that has the profound power to change many things

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