Thursday, February 12, 2009

Mind game

Our mind is basically untrained and to conquer fears we need to control it. No feeling is higher than the feeling that assures us that we are in control of our lives. Things that make us fearful are in reality not happening to us. That’s actually a projected event that our mind thinks as if that unfavorable situation is going to happen to us. When we expect taking place of some positive events we feel optimistic and things get reversed when we think of negative events and that’s the moment when fear creeps in.

Mind is a powerful tool and when it is used effectively it can create magic in our lives. But if the mind is not controlled then life can also be full of havocs. For example take a scenario of your past or future events.
Our mind keeps fluctuating between possibilities of past and future. There will be several things that have yet to take place in our life and yet mind can make these possibilities appear real to us and generate consequent feelings.

Similarly, mind things of past events and related memories and based on that experience, we start connecting the present with past references and things can appear wild or rosy. So the word projection plays a major role here. If we set out to achieve something great in future we feel secure and happy whereas possibility of failure can make us fearful. In reality nothing reality has taken place but then just the projected image and mind game!

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