Saturday, February 14, 2009


I hope, previous articles have made concept of self awareness quite clear. So how to tame vicious games of mind? Well, we should not try to tame it; rather controlling it will be the better word. We must start to be more aware of what goes in our mind and consequently decide upon the relevance of surge of numerous feelings. We also need to raise our vibration level. That will result in producing better outcomes in life. But that demands effort and moving out of one’s comfort zone. You will require you to operate from an altogether different level and that will ask you be determined.

There is a concept called energy psychology. This concept teaches about how to make best use of different energy techniques. These techniques are extremely useful in increasing our cognitive awareness. It is being said that, on an average 60,000 different thoughts go through our mind on a daily basis. Obviously, many of them are negative thoughts that produce negative emotions. So whenever, you come across a negative emotion, you must first try to recognize it. This needs practice but once you are able to identify a negative thought don’t try to avoid it. Accept it as it is. No point, running from your own conceived thought. Accept its negativity and then try to pick a different though that must be positive in nature. If you are able to do that, you are on right path. The positive thought will help you in neutralizing negative thought. This is also called as principle of healing that focuses on having a neutralized state of mind.

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