Thursday, February 19, 2009

Health Motivation

The existence of a good life is subject to several conditions. They say to achieve real happiness is basically having your mind, body and spirit in perfect harmony. ‘Health is wealth’ is an old adage but it still holds true. For most of the people, health is the most important aspects of the personality yet it is often the most ignored one. In the hustle-bustle of our busy lives, often we start taking our health for granted. Youths, specially have a fondness of indulging in all sort of pleasures in life and most of the time these pleasures take a heavy toll on one’s health. In the era of fast food and fast paced life style, we forget to follow the body's natural cycles and munch on unhygienic foods and oily substances. But then, who pays the price in the long run?

Most of us wish to have lots and lots of money and a good health to enjoy those riches. Health and wealth are perhaps the biggest desires of any human. But imagine a situation when you are not able to enjoy the large sums of money you have at your disposal because of some kind of sickness. What would you do? How would you feel? So better follow the idiom, when you have the money you have everything. Health is indeed the greatest wealth. The eternal desire of human beings is to have a life sans any illness, pain and disease but unfortunately not every desire gets fulfilled that easily. To attain few, one has to put in lots of efforts.

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