Monday, February 9, 2009

Fear Syndrome

It’s very important to get rid of all the fears from our lives. As talked previously in light your inner candles, the negative external sentiments often affect us in a major way, albeit subconsciously. And once you have fell victim to constant barrage of negative emotions emanating from media intrusion, things no more remain the same. The likely mental status could be depression, fear and finding negativity in every thing of life. It is also termed as swinging of balance of momentum against you. The more you think and realize it, the more hard it will appear to get rid of. Getting trapped in emotional trauma where the spirit takes a massive beating is truly a devastating condition. Wise men also feel suffocated seeing the destructive thinking and regressed steps being taken by influential persons in society.

Our core fears almost always take a heavy toll of us. Core fears often make us give in easily and surrender to worst possible situations. But here mind game is one crucial aspect that we often ignore. Fear is very rarely real. Fear is being instigated by others and not by we witnessing something real happening. Have you realized whenever we feel fearful it’s about the things that have yet to happen in real life? Just the assumption and perceiving of a bad thing taking places makes us give in when in reality we should have fought for our own strength.

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