Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Pain Management- Mental Aspect

Pain works on both layers; mental and physical. We have already read about physical aspect. Now if we look at this concept from mental point of view of corporate trainers then we will find several dimensions and variable factors associated with it. Emotional, spiritual, relationships etc will come under mental aspect. One thing that is very striking about pain is that it has some purpose. No thing in world comes without a purpose. Probably we fail to recognize or identify the purpose but it’s always there. All we need to do is to realize this truth and find it. Similarly, pain can not be termed as some kind of jumbled occurrence that comes and goes for no logical reason. It comes with a purpose and reminds you abut that. Its primary message is don’t take anything for granted and cherish whatever you have been gifted by the almighty.
Pain in a way makes your mind and body remind you that there is some sort of predicament in your existence and that’s why it is hurting you. The hurt factor will probably make you correct the problem. The best way to tackle this phenomenon is by having some specific mind maneuvering that will free all the unexplored energy inside for the healing purpose. Don’t feel tired while you go through the process. Try to enjoy it and seek the blessings in its effects. Sooner or later you are bound to come up with exceedingly good results and the pain will be done.

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